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Simple Refrigerator Repair Tips

Posted By on Jul 21, 2016

Simple Refrigerator Repair Tips For Two Common Problems Homeowners Face

Simple-Refrigerator-Repair-Tips-For-Two-Common-Problems-Homeowners-FaceRefrigerators are home appliances that most of us cannot do without. As such, when one is on the fritz, things can get complicated – it can disrupt dinner and the expense of fixing it could dent your wallet. If you have ever had a refrigerator breakdown and had to call in a professional to repair it, then you probably know that refrigerator repair can be expensive and quite frustrating. The good thing though is that not all refrigerator problems/issues will need a professional to come in and have them sorted. There are some that you can easily and cheaply repair on your own. Here is a look at two of the most common refrigerator issues homeowners face and how to repair them.


Leakage is one of the most common fridge problems many homeowners face. Different things can cause refrigerator leakages, but the most common perpetrator is a loose culprit. What is a refrigerator gasket? It is the flexible elastic strip connected to the outer edge of a freezer or refrigerator and is responsible for keeping cold air inside the fridge while preventing the door from banging the physical refrigerator.

When a gasket is loose, the refrigerator works twice as hard as it tries to maintain desirable temperatures. Consider it like leaving windows open when blasting your air conditioner. When a fridge runs that hard, it starts building up extra condensation around its coils – causing condensation. To sort this problem, check the door’s rubber seals. If they are faulty, then wash them using soap and warm water before applying a thin coat of lubricant. If that does not work, then consider replacing the gaskets.

Puddle Inside Your Fridge

Refrigerators use lots of hoses and tubes to work efficiently. And as is the case with things like your toilet or garbage disposal, your refrigerator tubes can end up blocked because of one reason or the other. If you come across a puddle in your refrigerator, and nothing’s spilled, then it’s possible that your fridge’s drain tube is blocked.

To solve this problem, simply unplug your fridge – you really don’t want to work on it while it’s still running – and look for the drain plug near the bottom or back of the fridge. Get a small buck and mix some bleach with warm water. Make sure that the two are split equally. Get a narrow rod like a turkey blaster and use it to force the bleach/water solution down the tube. Do this severally. Once you are done, make sure that you clean around the refrigerator, wait for a couple of days then check to see if there are any puddles.

Such small refrigerator issues should not ruin your dinner or even drill holes in your pocket – but that’s as long as you have them resolved in time. With the above tips, addressing the two problems should be a breeze. However, if a problem persists, then consider calling a professional.

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Interesting facts about bridges

Interesting facts about bridges

Posted By on Jun 25, 2016

Empire-State-Building-2013People who have no connections with architecture think that this world is dull. They believe that architects are failed artists who want to earn some quick money. You do not know artists that I know, and you would be surprised how their lives are luxurious. They have more privileges than anyone other, but that’s a whole another story, which I could probably share with you readers sometimes. But now, we will discuss the dullness of architecture world. As I said, people think that there is nothing exciting in this area. Well, I can tell you that people are wrong. There are many interesting stories and facts I heard, and some of you weren’t aware of them. Like, for example how Great Chinese Wall is only building that can be seen from the moon. Or that Empire State Building was built with more than 10 million bricks. And I think that it is a shame because they are good facts and stories as well. If only could someone tell them to you? Oh, wait, I am here to tell you about them.

108899328We can begin this article with bridges. For example, did you know that in Peru exists bridge called The Bridge of Eggs? It is a structure created in the seventieth century and it last still. Why? Some might say because of the secret ingredient. This bridge is called like this because while creating it, Peruvians decided to mix mortar with whites from the eggs instead of water. And I believe that they used more than ten thousand eggs. If you are well aware of the use of whites in preparing cookies and sweets, then you probably know that the whites create firmness in cakes. Maybe that was the whole plan of this ancient people. And speaking of ancient people did you heard about the tribe called the Incas? They are similar, but the same, to the tribe called the Mayans that are most known for predicting the end of the world in 2012. Well, they did not predict the end of the world, but they did not have where to write their calendar. That’s why today’s people think that it is the end of the world. But we are not talking about the Mayans; we are here about the Incas. They also have a tradition with bridges. As a matter of a fact, the bridges for them had sacred significance. They considered it of some holiness that cannot be touched. Even so, if they caught someone destroying a bridge, even the lousiest one with ropes, he would get into a lot of trouble. To be specific, he would be dead. If we think about the location of the tribe the Incas and Peruvians (they both are from South America), we can say that this is a good place for respecting great architectural structures and bridges are certainly that.

If you are not amused by this story (and this isn’t nearly the one percent of stories I learned), then I consider you very dull person. Like you consider me for thinking that world of architecture is great.

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